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Innovative Technology

Experience the future of agriculture with our cutting-edge solutions. Using drones, satellites, and advanced analytics, we empower farmers to optimize operations and maximize productivity. Join us in shaping the future of sustainable farming

Drone Scouting

Drone scouting Nairobi, Kenya
See Our Drones in Action

Experience firsthand the transformative power of our drone technology. Watch as our drones soar above fields, capturing high-resolution data to revolutionize farming practices. Explore the future of agriculture with Acre Insights.

Understand How Drones Benefit Your Farm

Our cutting-edge drone scouting technology takes farming to new heights—literally. Drones provide real-time, high-resolution images of your entire farm, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of crop health and environmental conditions. With this aerial perspective, farmers can make data-driven decisions, optimising resources and maximising yield.

Real-time Crop Monitoring:

Continuous surveillance for early detection of issues.

Pest and Disease Identification:

Early identification of potential threats to crop health.

Precision Irrigation Planning:

Drone watering the plantations Nairobi, Kenya

Optimal water usage based on field conditions.


Acre Insights' Solution for Avocado Farmers

The problem

Avocado farmers can experience significant economic pain when theyencounter pre-harvest loss. Avocado trees take several years to reachmaturity and start producing fruit, so each lost harvest can result in asubstantial loss of income. Additionally, avocado trees are sensitive toweather changes and environmental factors, so farmers may notalways be able to predict and prevent pre-harvest loss.
In addition to lost income, avocado farmers also face higher costs ofoperations caused by untargeted fertilizer application & watermanagement.

The solution

Acre Insights can provide maps showing the health status ofavocado trees using a combination of drone and satelliteimagery, advanced analytics, and machine learning algorithms.
For example, we can use our maps to identify areas whereavocado trees may be experiencing water stress, nutrientdeficiencies, or pest infestations. By providing farmers withthis information, they can take targeted action to mitigatethese issues, such as adjusting irrigation schedules, applyingspecific fertilizers or pesticides, or pruning affected trees.

Dive into user-friendly tech features and
Explore IoT Integration for Precision Farming


Unlock Insights with Health Mapping

Delve into the intricate details of your farm's well-being with our Health Mapping feature. This advanced technology goes beyond visual data, providing in-depth insights into the physiological condition of your crops. By unlocking this level of understanding, farmers can proactively address potential challenges and effectively manipulate the crop to maximise the quality and quantity of their produce.

NDVI Mapping:

Evaluate plant health and stress levels through normalised difference vegetation index maps.

Disease and Stress Detection:

Early identification of diseases and stressors using specific spectral signatures.

Drone mapping Nairobi, Kenya

Nutrient and Water Management:

Assess nutrient levels and water stress for targeted fertilisation and irrigation.

Biomass and Canopy Analysis:

Estimate biomass, monitor canopy health, and track variations in plant density.

strawberry-farm-field-on-mountain-2023-11-27-05-17-48-utc (1) (2)_edited.jpg

Let technology and expertise transform your
farm into a thriving success.

Are you tired of struggling with poor fruit quality and low yields on your farm? Acre Insights is here to revolutionize your farming journey using cutting-edge technology!

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