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For Farmers and Growers

Maximise Your Farm Production through Precision Agriculture

Empowering Farmers with Tailored Solutions

Drone Scouting

Gain aerial insights into your crop health, enabling early detection of issues and proactive management.

Smart Agriculture Advisory

Leverage expert agronomist guidance for customised crop management plans, optimising yield and reducing risks.

Health Mapping

Utilise cutting-edge mapping solutions to transform data into actionable insights, maximising quality and yield


Short report about Acre Insights Technologies

Real-time Drone Data

Access high-resolution drone imagery for ongoing monitoring and analysis of crop performance.

Customised Crop Management

Implement tailored plans designed by expert agronomists to optimise yield and enhance overall crop health.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate complex data effortlessly with our intuitive interface, providing insights at your fingertips.

Drone mapping of trees Nairobi, Kenya

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Real stories

Kwame Nduta

Acre Insights has transformed my farming practices. With their drone technology, I can now monitor my fields with unprecedented detail. Their analytics help me make informed decisions about irrigation and pest management, leading to healthier crops and increased yields. Acre Insights has become an invaluable partner in my journey as a farmer.

strawberry-farm-field-on-mountain-2023-11-27-05-17-48-utc (1) (2)_edited.jpg

Let technology and expertise transform your
farm into a thriving success.

Are you tired of struggling with poor fruit quality and low yields on your farm? Acre Insights is here to revolutionize your farming journey using cutting-edge technology!

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