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Increase Crop Yield. Improve Crop Quality.

At Acre Insights, we introduce technology to farm management and utilize data-driven insights to maximise yields, reduce costs, and promote sustainable agriculture for farmers across Kenya

We See

We use drones that capture high resolution images of your farm

We Analyse

Our software applies advanced filters to calculate crop health and development

We Report

We provide a detailed map of your farm, highlighting crop health and providing agronomy advise

Drone scouting analytics for farming

Nurturing Agriculture Through Innovation and Expertise

We use drones and satellites to collect high-resolution data on crop growth and development, soil moisture, and other key indicators. We then use advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to interpret this data and provide farmers with actionable insights that enable them to make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilizer application, and pest control.

900 hrs

Estimated time saved each season from physically scouting the farm


Estimated reduction in pre-harvest loss


Acres we have maped





Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Drone scouting on avocado plantations
Drone Scouting

Gain real-time visibility into your cash crop fields and identify potential issues before they impact your yield. Drone scouting provides speedy insights into the state of the farm, monitoring up to 500 acres a day. Elevate your farming efficiency with precision agriculture.

 Health map for avocado plantations
Health Mapping

Harness the science of data analysis that will turn aerial images of your farm into a high-resolution map, allowing you to make informed decisions. Maximise the quality and yield of your avocados with our tailored mapping solutions.

Expert analysis of avocado trees
Smart Agriculture Advisory

Guide your harvest with expert insight. Leverage customised crop management plans designed by our expert agronomist. Each plan is crafted to optimise yield, reduce risks, and enhance overall crop health


Unveiling Cutting-Edge Solutions

Harvest on avocado fields
Drone Technology

Elevate your farming vision with our advanced drone technology. Capture high-resolution aerial images, monitor crop health, and identify potential issues early on. Aerial insights at your fingertips, ensuring a proactive approach to crop management.

Plant health map
User-Friendly Interface

Our aim is to deliver technology that works for you. Our user-friendly interface ensures even complex data is easily accessible and understandable.

Innovative Solutions for a Bumper Harvest

At Acre Insights, we introduce innovative technologies tailored to meet the unique challenges of cash crop and fruit farming.

Export and transportation of avocados
Health Mapping

Harness the power of data analytics computation to generate health index maps of farms for precision agriculture. Transform data into actionable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions for optimised crop management.

Avocados grown with the help of drones
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  • How does drone technology benefit my avocado farm?
    Drone technology provides high-resolution aerial images, enabling you to monitor crop health, detect issues early, and take proactive measures for an optimized harvest.
  • What sets health mapping apart in avocado farming?
    Health mapping measures the color and heat emitted by crops, allowing us to pinpoint stressed areas and enabling targeted interventions to enhance avocado quality and overall yield.
  • Is the Acre Insights interface user-friendly?
    Absolutely! Our interface is designed for simplicity, ensuring you can easily access and understand complex data, empowering you to make informed decisions for your avocado farm.
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Let technology and expertise transform your
farm into a thriving success.

Are you tired of struggling with poor fruit quality and low yields on your farm? Acre Insights is here to revolutionize your farming journey using cutting-edge technology!

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